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Septic truck

Keep your septic tank flowing smoothly

Your septic tank is designed to take the solids from your wastewater that get dumped down the drain and remove them. You don't want it to get backed it up so it is important to make sure it is being properly maintained.

• Cesspools

• Septic tanks

• Agricultural pumping

• Holding tanks


Cleaning for septic systems including:

Your septic system needs to be regularly pumped and cleaned in order to work properly. Let IMC Waste Disposal use over 60 years of experience to keep your septic system in the right condition.


Don't ignore the problem that you have with a septic tank and schedule regular maintenance checks.



Importance of septic maintenance

Enjoy prompt and quality service


Serving a 150 mile radius of Wichita Falls and offering FREE phone consultations on your residential septic tank needs.

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