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Grease trap service

Service to many restaurants in the area

No matter if you are a small mom-and-pop shop or have a number of restaurants that need to take advantage of grease trap cleaning, IMC Waste Disposal, Inc. can handle it all with expert help.

• Sludge removal

• Mud removal

• Hotel grease traps

• Hydrojetting services

• Restaurant grease traps

Grease trap cleaning services:

IMC Waste Disposal, Inc. started with just one truck back in 1947 but it has grown to a company that uses over 20 trucks to provide service to commercial and residential customers.


For your grease trap cleaning needs in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, you'll be able to count on prompt and quality service with our company.

Growing business

Business experience

since 1947


Call for 24/7 emergency service or to obtain a FREE consultation. You'll always enjoy prompt and quality service.

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